Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Price In India

Samsung Galaxy S2 Launch Date

It was launched in July 2015 and its earlier model Galaxy S Tab was launched in June 2014.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Price

INR 39,400 in (WiFi, 4G, Voice Calling), Gold

$399.99 in (32GB, White)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Features:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 FeaturesMeet the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 which is built for ultra-fast performance with its new and improved octa-core processor and a thin and lightweight design that’s ready to go virtually anywhere you go.
Most people like watching videos so with this tablet you can watch videos and images come to life on its brilliant 9.7″ Super AMOLED display.
Whether you are in low light or sunlight, its adaptive screen makes viewing content easy. Capture life’s moments with it’s 8 MP rear and 2.1 MP front facing camera.
Do you think 32GB is less than you can expand its memory from 32GB up to an additional 128 GB with
a micro SD card, so you take more of your favourite music, photos and movies with you.
With the DIRECTV app, enjoy live TV at home and on your device. Now you can watch your favourite programs from virtually anywhere.
And work effortlessly between your Samsung tablet and Samsung smartphone with SideSync. Drag and drop files between devices and even answer a call on your tablet.
Plus you can manage your battery, storage, RAM and security all in one place with Smart Manager.
To learn new features and get answers to frequently asked questions go to Device Help on your tablet.
SideSync is a PC-mobile solution that enables you to share information and screens between your Galaxy Tab S2 and Samsung smartphone.
Now you can see the same screen that’s displayed on your smartphone on your tablet. You can drag and drop, pictures, videos, files and more between devices and even respond to calls and texts from
your smartphone directly on your tablet.
To use SideSync, simply open the SideSync app on both devices, and select your connection type.
Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
Once devices connect you have the freedom to work between devices. Drag and drop photos from your smartphone to create an album or transfer content and documents between devices so you can continue doing what you want virtually anywhere.
With Samsung Smart Manager you can manage your battery, storage, RAM usage, and device security all in one place. Tap the Smart Manager app and choose ‘Battery Usage’ to estimate your battery time remaining.
You can manage and save power by limiting usage. Make the most of your memory with the Storage feature.
See how much memory your applications and media are using and manage your storage by moving files to a micro SD card or by deleting unnecessary files to free up space.
With Accessibility settings, whether you need to make a quick font adjustment or modify your vision or hearing features, you can access helpful settings to make navigation easier.
Use Voice Assistant to have text read out loud to you, or for vibration touch feedback choose the Auto Haptic feature which vibrates to sound when your playing music, games and videos or when buttons are pressed.
And protect your tablet with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Book Cover.


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